Revolutionizing Subscription Management: Introducing Our Shopify Chatbot


Experience the cutting-edge collaboration of Stay AI and Twilio's Conversation and Studio Flow APIs, resulting in the creation of a sophisticated chatbot integrated with Shopify's Subscriptions API.

The chatbot is a very feature-rich, offering the streamlining of subscription management like never before. It offers seamless opt in/out management, keeping users in complete control of their preferences. With SMS event-based notifications, subscribers stay informed and updated on their subscriptions effortlessly.

But that's not all—our chatbot takes customization to a whole new level. Users can personalize variable tags directly from their online portal, making the experience truly tailor-made to suit their unique needs.

Subscription management has never been this easy. Our chatbot empowers users with full control over their subscriptions, allowing them to effortlessly change order dates, add, remove, or even swap products, all with just a few messages.

Even with the convenience of automation, we understand the value of human touch. Users can effortlessly "disconnect" from the chatbot flow, accessing live support whenever they require that personal touch.

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