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West Side Technology Solutions specialize in providing strategic software consultancy according to your business’s unique requirements. Our approach is based on identifying your company’s objectives to ensure that our software development consulting is perfectly in line with your vision for growth and innovation.

Software consultant confidently explaining a concept to an engaged and excited small business owner in an office environment.

Detailed Project Planning and Management

Our software development consulting process commences with a detailed project plan. We dedicate ourselves to comprehending the nature of your business, its problems, and its aspirations. Taking this approach, we could develop a customized road map that not only solves your short-term problems but also nurtures you for the future. The project management strategies we apply are intended for the smooth running of processes, risk minimization, and at the same time execution of your projects.

Revealing Technical Complexities

Technology, of course, can be intimidating, but being a software development consulting firm, our primary purpose is to make it easy for everyone. A software consulting company can help by simplifying all the complex technical documents and jargon into a language that can be understood by the layperson. We take an approach in which you are not only a viewer but also an active member of the journey of software development.

Optimization through Audits

In the digital age, online assets such as websites and applications are the face of your business. We perform detailed performance and accessibility audits in order to pinpoint the problems which may impact users' experience. We present you with our detailed reports which deliver useful insights, enabling you to go about your optimization in the right way.

Preview of a comprehensive accessibility audit conducted for a client's website highlighting key areas for improvement.

Strategic Road mapping

The winner in software development is the one that takes the time to come up with a good plan and foresight. Our consulting services involve developing a road map of a strategic plan that is based on your specific business needs. This road map will be our detailed plan, specifying the steps to reach your software goals, while also considering any future alterations or developments in your business.

Transparent Communication and Ongoing Support

We believe in open, honest communication, and we are determined to guide you at each phase of your project and make sure you understand it. We are always here to answer your questions, guaranteeing you stay informed, as well as confident in the choices that we make. This is a very critical matter to us as a software consulting company, and as a custom software development company, we can provide ongoing support and follow-up services to guarantee the effective application of your software solutions.

With West Side Technology Solutions, you get a partner in the success of your business. Our software consulting services are not only designed to address your business pain points but also convert your digital aspirations into a practical reality. In hiring us, you get help from experienced professionals and customized solutions designed with the ultimate goal of getting the best results for your business.

Begin your journey toward digital success with West Side Technology Solutions. Let us empower your business with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

How else can we help you? We also create custom automation tools to streamline business operations and improve productivity!