Enhance Your Shopify Subscriptions with Stay AI Merchant Portal

Stay AI Dashboard

Stay AI Merchant Portal

This portal was ingeniously crafted using a powerful tech stack, combining ReactJS, Node/Express, and Postgres. Once merchants purchase the exceptional 3rd party subscription management app, they gain exclusive access to the Stay AI Merchant Portal.

As a comprehensive solution, the Stay AI Merchant Portal boasts a data-driven dashboard teeming with insightful analytics. From here, merchants can effortlessly manage all subscriptions and orders, granting them complete control over modifications and updates. Customizable settings allow seamless configuration of Shopify selling plans, SMS and email notifications, billing schedules, and more. Plus, merchants can optimize their customer-facing portal and harness the potential of user-friendly low/no code automation tools.

But that's not all - the Stay AI Merchant Portal thrives on powerful integrations with leading service providers like Klaviyo, Gorgias, Twilio, and others. Seamlessly serving as a one-stop shop, our portal empowers merchants to elevate their Shopify Subscriptions experience to the next level.

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