Empowering Customers with Aura Bora's Shopify Subscription Customer Portal

Stay AI Customer Portal

Introducing Aura Bora's Shopify Subscription Customer Portal - an extraordinary one-click installation app proudly presented by Stay AI that brings control to end-users over their subscriptions powered by Shopify's API. Developed with cutting-edge React JS and securely proxied to the site, this app is tailored to elevate the customer experience.

This custom CSS creation ensures the portal aligns perfectly with the merchant's unique brand identity, providing an immersive and consistent journey for their customers. With a password-less login system, the process becomes effortlessly streamlined, granting users instant access to their personalized accounts.

Powered by a robust and secure API, Aura Bora's customers gain full control over their subscriptions - from managing preferences to making modifications - all at their fingertips. This seamless experience eliminates the need for extensive assistance from Aura Bora's customer support team, empowering customers to manage their subscriptions with ease and allowing Aura Bora to focus on what they do best.

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